The World's Largest Natural Sulfur Springs

Village of Green Springs
120 Catherine St.
Green Springs, OH 44836

© Village of Green Springs, OH



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Mayor: Jesse Darr
Council members: Robert Sampsel, Mary Brundage, Tyler Kimmet, Adam Greenslade, Daniel Shafer, Donald Sours

Council meeting times: 1st & 3rd Mon at 7:30pm
State Senator: David Burke
State Delegate: Rex Damshroder
U.S. Representative: Bob Latta
U.S. Senator: Sherrod Brown and George Voinovich


Housing Tax Information
Owner Occupied: 423
Renters: 150

Median Home Value: $71,888.00
Property Tax rate: $60.45 per $1,000

Local income tax rate: 0.01


Demographic and Economic Information
Population: 1,422

Per Capita Income: $9,856.00
Median Household Income: $27,868.00

Median Family Income: $30,469.00
Source: 1990 US Census




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